KE2 Therm University – Level Three

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Course Description

This course provides answers to the most commonly asked installation and troubleshooting questions.

Key concepts covered include:

  • Iced Evaporator Coil on Walk-in Freezer
  • Troubleshooting a Temperature Sensor
  • Troubleshooting When a KE2 Temp is Not Cooling
  • How to Confirm the KE2 Evap is Wired Correctly
  • Arriving at Jobsite and KE2 Evap Display is Blank
  • How to Determine Proper Coil Sensor Location
  • How to Properly Install a Coil Sensor
  • Prevent an Iced Evaporator Coil by Using a Door Switch
  • How to Install and Wire a KE2 Door Switch
  • KE2 Evap on Multi Evap Single Condenser Systems – Bonding Controllers