KE2 Therm University – Level One

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Course Description

Level One introduces you to the KE2 Therm family of controllers, explains the benefits they provide, and goes into further detail on the KE2 Temp + Air Defrost & KE2 Low Temp. Finally, the course compares traditional Thermostatic Expansion Valves vs. KE2 Therm controls with Electronic Expansion Valves.

Key concepts covered include:

  • How to Select the Right Controller for Your Application
  • Refrigeration techs reduce hassles
  • What makes the KE2 Temp better than a time clock and thermostat
  • Why the KE2 LowTemp is better than a time clock & thermostat
  • How to Change KE2 Temp or KE2 Temp + Valve’s Room Temp Setpoint
  • How to Set a Custom Defrost Schedule on the KE2 Temp or KE2 Temp + Valve
  • What Information is on a KE2 Low Temp’s Webpage
  • How to Wire the KE2 Temp + Air Defrost
  • Benefits of using an EEV vs. TEV